17 Instances Where Keeping Your Mouth Shut Is The Wisest Thing To Do

17 Instances Where Keeping Your Mouth Shut Is The Wisest Thing To Do

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A wise man knows when to fight and when to let go. But, do you know that sometimes, it is really wise to completely shut your mouth and keep mum? You might say something unknowingly, only to realise that it will become the biggest regret of your life.

Here are 18 such moments where you’ve got to keep your mouth shut.

1. When your boss is scolding your colleague in front of you   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-0

He can turn on you easily…

2. When your friend tells you about their breakup   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-1

3. When you’re with your friends and they start talking about a sport you have no idea about   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-2

4. When you’re at an interview, and you’ve answered a question and the interviewer tells you it’s wrong   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-3

5. When your partner is talking s**t during a fight   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-4

6. When your mom catches you watching porn   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-5

7. When someone is introducing themselves   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-6

8. When a serious scene is on in a theatre   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-7

9. When you say ‘hi’ to your crush and they don’t respond   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-8

10. When your colleague gives you gossip and you have nothing to add   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-9

11. When you’re a politician and a reporter asks you for an opinion   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-11

12. When you’ve lost a game and your opponent is making fun of you   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-12

13. When you’re having an exceptionally bad day at work   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-13

14. When you and your partner are enjoying a heavenly meal   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-14

15. When two people are talking   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-15

16. When you’re asked to choose between two favourite things during a rapid fire round   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-16

17. When you’re trekking and reach the hill-top   17-instances-keeping-your-mouth-shut-is-the-wisest-thing-to-do-17

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