17 Secret Hiding Places In Your Home That Nobody Can Find; Secure Your Valuables!

17 Secret Hiding Places In Your Home That Nobody Can Find; Secure Your Valuables!

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Your home is where you feel safe and keep important things. However, we don’t feel comfortable leaving home leaving valuables in safe. Now a days, burglars are well-equipped to break or defeat any safe.

How about having some secret places inside your home which nobody can find easily? It’s not limited to movies to have these awesome places. Here are 17 such secret places you can make in your home. All by yourself.

1. Hide Secret Documents Under Your Refrigerator  18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-0

2. You keep the money inside of it too!   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-1

3. Bury things under plants   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-2

4. Stash things in your garage   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-3

5. Put things inside air vent   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-4

6. Keep valuables safe while you clean   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-5

7. Make a fake drawer bottom   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-6

8. Remove the toekick below cabinets and use unused space   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-7

9. Store things on top between cabinets   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-8

10. Drill a hole and hide things in your door   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-9

11. Stash things under a stair tread   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-10

12. Hide a safe in the floor for super-secret things   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-11

13. Install some non-functioning PVC pipe in the garage and stash things   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-12

14. Tape envelopes with documents or money behind headboards   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-13

15. Hide things in a stack of vintage, hollowed-out books   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-14

16. If you’re really devoted to the cause, build your own secret room   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-15

17. It’s super easy to make a fake outlet and hide things in it   18-secret-hiding-places-at-home-16

What do you say? Like these ideas?

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