17 #Uunlikely Places to Find Your #Cat If It's Not Seen Around!

17 #Uunlikely Places to Find Your #Cat If It’s Not Seen Around!

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Does your cat disappear often only to return after a long trip? Do you want to know where your furry friend had been to?

Your furry friend never ceases to amaze you. Because he can get into (or onto) the most unlikely places and feel quite comfortable there, so comfortable, in fact, he could actually fall asleep as if they belong there.

Next time, if you don’t find your cat around, don’t panic. We at Dosed found 17 unlikely places in the house where you cat might go to. Go check these places and you might be in for a big surprise!

1. Your travel bag!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-0

2. His favorite bowl   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-1

3. The coolest place in the house: refrigerator   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-2

4. In your boots   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-3

5. He didn’t come in for Loo…!!!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-4

6. That spare exhaust tube   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-5

7. He is just checking your cupboard!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-6

8. Your coat pockets   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-7

9. Check your drawer!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-8

10. Did you open your car window?   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-9

11. He likes those packaging boxes!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-10

12. He likes this hi-tech bed with all the buttons   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-11

13. He is often a bookworm!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-12

14. Sometimes he can be spider too   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-13

15. He likes high vantage points, to spy on you!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-14

16. He is not in for a sip of tea, mind it!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-15

17. Your car has all the right holes for him!   17-unlikely-places-to-find-your-cat-if-its-not-seen-around-16

Remember these secret places and you can catch your furry friend there if he is not seen around anytime!

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