24 Outrageously Stupid Things Done By Men

24 Outrageously Stupid Things Done By Men

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Einstein once said ‘Two Things Are Infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe‘. After seeing the below pictures you will definitely agree there is plenty of stupidity in this world, When these guys forgot it explodes…

When he trusted his shorter ladder

When this guy had blind faith in the hand brake of the truck

When these guys had too much trust on each other

When these guys couldn’t figure out where to get a sufficiently length ladder

When these guys invented a freaking ladder

When this guy overestimated the strength of two sticks

When this guy made us think he just broke out of a mental ward

When this guys likes to have this kind of a beard

When this guy pioneered in using ladders

When he wanted to test laws of physics

When this guy flirted with death

When this guy outsmarted the local landscaper

When he decided to live on the edge

When he decided one arm of ladder is more than sufficient

When they forgot how electricity works

When they trusted each other too much

When these guys forgot their room mates are not Hercules clones

When he decided he wanted to be electrical worker today

When the man who took this pic actually stood there long enough with his camera

When these guys discovered an easy way

When this guy forgot whats on his butt!

When this guy had literally no idea whats happening in an Ebola hit region

When this guy just had a rough moment with his wife

Please never attempt to achieve this level of stupidity. There are better ways to die, you know. LoL
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