24 Places In The World Prove You Had Been Bad At Pronouncing

24 Places In The World Prove You Had Been Bad At Pronouncing

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Had you been traveling in a new place and enquire a local about a place and you got reminded with the right way of pronouncing the place? It’s the single most situation we want to avoid during our travels. Most of the difficulties with the names are due to the adaptation from one language to the other. We might never be able to sound like a local when pronouncing these places.But it is always appreciated by the locals when we try to speak their language. Here are the 24 famous places and their correct way of pronouncing them. Have a nice trip next time…

Bangkok, Thailand

Melbourne, Australia

Reykjavik, Iceland

Dubai, UAE

Beijing, China

Budapest, Hungary

Phuket, Thailand

Brisbane, Australia


Yosmite Park, USA


Montreal, Canada


River Thames, UK

Versailles, France

Worcester, UK

Via Dolorosa, Israel

Helena, USA

Kissimmee, USA

Lafayette, USA

La Jolla, USA



Worcestershire, UK Got it right?

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