9 Unreasonable Fears That Are Sabotaging Your Efforts To Achieve Success In Life

9 Unreasonable Fears That Are Sabotaging Your Efforts To Achieve Success In Life

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Jack Canfield once said that everything you want is on the other side of fear. Fear is the number 1 bottleneck to achieving your goals and live the dream life you want. In order to overcome this fear, you first need to know it.

Fear is of many types. Some or good and helps us maintain our survival. Some are in the mask of helping us but they sabotage all your genuine efforts to succeed in life. Here are 9 unreasonable fears that are holding you back from living your dream life.

1. Fear of failure   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-0

Even before trying you might be afraid of the failure. To be precise, you are afraid of the consequences of failure. What would relatives think and talk on your back? That sarcastic voice of your aunt makes you shiver. Your friends might think you are of your might to think you can achieve it. These are just in your mind. On the path of success, this fear is the biggest obstacle.

Do shouldn’t give a damn about what others think if you fail. Just don’t care and keep trying.

2. Fear of asking questions   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-1

How often have you not raised your hand when your professor asked you, ‘any questions?’ This apprehension might appear to be entirely ordinary, yet disregarding it would just prevent you from being curious, which is an unfavorable attribute to achieve success. Killing your curiosity will kill your spirit to know things around you. That is a major hurdle between you and your success.

Just kill this fear of asking questions.

3. Fear of success   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-2

This is unbelievable yet true: people have fear of being successful. Yes, there are a few individuals who fear success since they think success changes all. Despite the fact that it’s a certainty, there is no reason for dreading the great things in life. success is similar to a double-edged sword, however, one needs to figure out how to handle it well.

These people often sabotage their own efforts at the last moment of achieving success because they fear success.

4. Fear of wasting time   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-3

Time is the most valuable resource. On the off chance that you consider pursuing your dream is ‘an exercise in futility’, then you have to consider the significance of your dream. Since pursuing your dream is not an exercise in futility, it’s an addition in each perspective.

Regardless of the fact that you failed, there is one experience you get the chance to learn a lot from.

5. Fear of becoming broke   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-4

We give money a considerable measure of significance. Truth be told, it is the root cause of our inspiration, inconveniences and dreams. Some of the time we don’t go out taking any risk since we fear losing time and money. We have a tendency to overlook that we can acquire money once more, but we may not get back an opportunity to succeed in life.

6. Fear of rejection   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-5

There is no other person in this world who can replace you. You are unique!

When it comes to a relationship, asking somebody who you quietly love out is a major ordeal. Imagine a scenario in which the person rejects you. It’s then preferred to stay quiet over getting your heart broken.

Yet, consider the possibility that you gather up the courage and ask. Imagine that they say yes rather than your dreaded ‘no. Isn’t it worth the effort? Definitely.

7. Fear of being alone   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-6

A few people can’t deal with loneliness. So they need to be with somebody or the other constantly. This can be very disturbing in light of the fact that they have a tendency to become a burden. They develop a pattern of co-dependence.

Such people need to comprehend that being separated from everyone else is not an awful thing. It doesn’t mean individuals loathe you. It just implies that you’re fortunate to have enough time for yourself.

8. Fear of death   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-7

Hypochondriacs are in constant fear of death. They speculate symptoms and needlessly worry about ailments, which are not even diagnosed. Fearing death is a waste of time because death operates instantly and it is inevitable. Constantly being in fear of it and not living is a waste of your precious life.

When you fear the death, think that death is not at all bad.

9. Fear of the unknown   9-unreasonable-fears-holding-you-back-from-living-your-dream-life-8

Everybody suffers the fear of the unknown. For some, it is the dark, and for others, it’s a person who levies strict rules on them. Fear of the unknown always comes when good things are about to happen. It is when something is about to happen, that there is a feeling of fear that takes us from being positive to focusing on the negative. This fear stops us from thinking positive and thus makes us lose our true purpose.

Get over these 9 fears and have your dream life. All the best.
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