Hot and Scary. Select The Hottest Special Forces Team From Around The World

Hot and Scary. Select The Hottest Special Forces Team From Around The World

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Here are the special forces from around the world. Some are hot, some are scary. Their gear differs from country to country. But, their sole purpose is to protect their country and people.
Special forces are engaged in, well, special combat circumstances. I am sure that looking at these special forces, the perpetrators would definitely freeze for a moment. What do you think? Which special forces team is hot among them?

French Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-0

Huntsmen Corps : Danish Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-1

ROC (Taiwan) Special Forces with bullet proof face masks   special-forces-across-the-world-2

Irish army rangers   special-forces-across-the-world-3

Serbian Gendarmerie   special-forces-across-the-world-4

MARSOC   special-forces-across-the-world-5

Canadian counter terrorist group JTF2   special-forces-across-the-world-6

US Navy SEAL   special-forces-across-the-world-7

Korean Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-8

Dutch Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-9

SBS   special-forces-across-the-world-10

French Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-11

Iraqi special forces   special-forces-across-the-world-12

Norwegian MJK   special-forces-across-the-world-13

Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit   special-forces-across-the-world-14

Nuclear, biological and chemical warfare defence

Marinejegerkommandoen   special-forces-across-the-world-15

Norwegian Navy Special Forces Again

British SAS   special-forces-across-the-world-16

French Commando Marine   special-forces-across-the-world-17

Norwegian Armed Forces’ Special Command   special-forces-across-the-world-18

New Zealand Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-19

US Army Special Forces Sniper with Remington Modular Sniper Rifle   special-forces-across-the-world-20

Polish GROM   special-forces-across-the-world-21

Kampfschwimmer   special-forces-across-the-world-22

(Combat Swimmers) from Germany’s elite SEK-M special forces

Peruvian Army special forces   special-forces-across-the-world-23

Romanian Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-24

Australian SASR   special-forces-across-the-world-25

Tanzanian Special Forces In Congo   special-forces-across-the-world-26

German KSK (Army / Special Forces)   special-forces-across-the-world-27


Shayetet 13 (Israeli Special Forces)   special-forces-across-the-world-29

Russian Special Forces: Spetsnaz   special-forces-across-the-world-30

Austrian special forces   special-forces-across-the-world-31

U.S. Special Forces   special-forces-across-the-world-32

Whom do you vote as the hottest special forces?
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