The Bridges That Lead To Nowhere Are Everywhere In the World

The Bridges That Lead To Nowhere Are Everywhere In the World

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Call them spooky, haunting or unfinished. They lead to nowhere but the common denominator is that they exist all over the world. Such bridges also carry untold stories of horror and their looks make us shiver. Here are 41 bridges from around the world that lead to nowhere.

1. Ketchikan, Alaska

2. Maungaparua Stream, New Zealand

3. Vosges, France

4. Ramsenthal, Germany

5. Taiwan

6. Monroe, Florida

7. North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

8. St. Louis, Missouri

9. Big Flats, New York

10. Eisenbahn, Germany

11. Cabarete, Dominican Republic

12. Guyhirn Wash, U.K

13. D & RG Narrow Gauge Trestle, Colorado

14. East Midlands, U.K

15. Somerset, Bermuda

16. Lancaster Canal, U.K

17. Kinzua Viaduct, Pennsylvania

18. Miles Glacier Bridge, Alaska

19. Viaduc de Monti, Alpes-Maritimes, France

20. South Platte River, Colorado

21. Avignon, France

22. Dartmoor, U.K

23. Birmingham, England

24. Unknown Location

25. Belhaven, Scotland

26. Maldonado, Uruguay

27. Euskirchen, Germany

28. San Gabriel Mountains, California

29. Viaduc du Carrei, Alpes-Maritimes, France

30. East Wichel, U.K

31. Mindenville, New York

32. Chennai, India

33. Toulouse, France

34. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

35. Bryan, Texas

36. Sealy, Texas

37. British Columbia, Canada

38. Quebec, Canada

39. Castrop-Rauxel-Merklinde, Germany

40. Strépy-Bracquegnies, Hainaut, Belgium

41. Green Elm, Texas

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