These Cute Dogs Were Given Shelter. OMG They Invaded The Bed Rooms!

These Cute Dogs Were Given Shelter. OMG They Invaded The Bed Rooms!

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Some dog owners are hesitant to allow their dogs to enter their bedrooms. The reason being that these cuties are great at getting their own way. Big or small, they seem to know exactly how to make even a king-size bed feel like a matchbox, with their paws in your back, snout on your head, or other crazy configurations that mean they’ll have sweet dreams while you try to remember what actually getting sleep feels like.

I’ll be rolling over onto that side in five minutes

plenty of room for both of us

small corner of the sheet over there is for you

doc said sleeping on the floor is good for your back

It’s a pity there’s no room for you

fyi, the couch is free

sorry no compromise

This is all mine!

There is no fair game in it!

I had a very bad day

Stop right there. It’s reserved for every night

He He He! Good night

Shhh… I am cornered

Don’t you see? This is mine

This is king size bed and I am king

This is all mine

Can you just stay a bit far?

Sorry there is no room

I need one more pillow

I will be having sweet dreams tonight

I have equal rights on this bed.

This is a shoebox bed

First come first server rule

I am just a little puppy…

The Paw-Team

This is pawsome

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