Top 15 of The World's Most Exquisite Libraries You Had Ever Seen

Top 15 of The World’s Most Exquisite Libraries You Had Ever Seen

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Libraries are the containers of the history of knowledge and stand as monuments to different epochs in architecture, interior design and art.

When Dr. James Campbell of Cambridge University could not find a book that traced the history of library buildings through the ages, he decided to write one himself. With the renowned architectural photographer Will Pryce he embarked on an epic journey across 21 countries, visiting 85 of the world’s greatest libraries. Three years later the result is The Library: A World History, the most complete account of library buildings to date.

Strahov Abbey Library, Prague   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-0

Tripitaka Koreana, South Korea   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-1

Tiyanyi Chamber, China   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-2

Peabody Library, Baltimore, US   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-3

Biblioteca Malatestiana, Cesena, Italy   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-4

Merton College Library, Oxford, UK   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-5

Biblioteca Malatestiana, Venice, Italy   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-6

The Bodeleian Library, Oxford, UK   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-7

Admont Abbey Library, Austria   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-8

Philips Exeter Academy Library, New Hampshire, US   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-9

Biblioteca Jonina, Coimbra, Portugal   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-10

The Escorial Library, Spain   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-11

Mafra Palace Library, Portugal   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-12

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New Haven, US   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-13

Utrecht University Library, Holland   top-15-of-the-most-exquisite-libraries-in-the-world-14

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Image Credits The Library: A World History
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