If Truth Be Told, This Is Why These Films Are Nominated For 2016 Oscars

If Truth Be Told, This Is Why These Films Are Nominated For 2016 Oscars

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Carry a little bit of humor please…

It is that season again. Later this month we would be glued to the TV screens watching the Oscar awards ceremony. Though we would be reminded again how different celebrities are, down from their dresses to the cars they drive, it is enjoyable.

The fame of Oscars is so much so that even in other countries, they rather talk about the oscar nomination their film got rather than their own awards.

The Shiznit’s had a satirical take on what these Oscar-nominated movie posters would look like if they were a bit more honest.

The Revenant   2016-oscar-nominees-0

Spotlight   2016-oscar-nominees-7

The Big Short   2016-oscar-nominees-8

The Danish Girl   2016-oscar-nominees-9

Inside Out   2016-oscar-nominees-10

Carol   2016-oscar-nominees-11

Mad Max: Fury Road   2016-oscar-nominees-12

Sicario   2016-oscar-nominees-13

Steve Jobs   2016-oscar-nominees-14

The Martian   2016-oscar-nominees-15

Bridge Of Spies   2016-oscar-nominees-1

Joy   2016-oscar-nominees-2

Brooklyn   2016-oscar-nominees-3

Academy, please give an Oscar to Leo atleast this year. Please…
Credits: The Shiznit
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