#RaGa: How To Sleep In The Parliament While The Nation Is Watching You!

#RaGa: How To Sleep In The Parliament While The Nation Is Watching You!

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Rahul Gandhi is one of the most popular politicians in India, be it for his irrelevant quotes in speeches, bookish answers to questions in an interview or sleeping the parliament.

Sometimes it feels like he is deliberately pulling these stunts. How else one can make sense of this endless concoction of bloopers he serves us on a regular basis?

Home minister Rajnath Singh was speaking on the very important issue of Gujarat Dalit assault, there he was, the beloved Baba of Congress comfortably dozing off, seemingly unperturbed by the prying eye of the cameras.

Are you wondering how the Twitterati responded? Look no further!

1. This needs to be respected.

2. Jose pleaded defense. 

3. All hail RaGa’s contributions.

4. Putting the nap in nappy.

5. Speeches can be really boring.

6. Deep thinking perhaps!

7. The nation needs naps guys!

8. What would Iron Man going to do next?  

9. Good question there. 

10. Would Chota Bheem do?

As always, Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury jumped into his immediate rescue but Twitterati proved invincible. What do you think?

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