The Weird Problem In New Zealand Is Too Shocking And Frightening

The Weird Problem In New Zealand Is Too Shocking And Frightening

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This is totally nuts!

New Zealand is facing a very very weird problem nowadays and it is worrying the authorities.

They worry that people might be turning into zombies or vampires.

A town in new Zealand has had a ‘weird’ outbreak of incidents involving biting, according to police.


New Zealand vampire attacks
“It was a fight between three females and during the fight one of the females has bitten another one’s ear and drawn blood. She hasn’t bitten it off, but quite badly so she needed some medical attention”, a Hawke’s Bay District Command Centre spokesman told.


A woman jumped on a man fighting her brother and sank his teeth into his neck. The man lost so much blood he was admitted to hospital in a serious condition, officers added.

Incident-3: A family fight turned fatal when one of the members had jumped onto the other and bitten the neck.

The scariest part: These vampire like people are not locals.

If you are traveling to New Zealand, better get equipped (pun intended).
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