10 Majestic Night Sky Images of Finland Make You Want To Visit It!

10 Majestic Night Sky Images of Finland Make You Want To Visit It!

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Finnish nature photographer Joni Niemelä has a knack for capturing the beauty of nature in captivating ways, and he travels the world looking for picturesque settings.

1. But when it comes to finding magnificent night shots, he doesn’t have to look too far from home   10-amazing-images-of-finland-0

2. Since 2011, Niemelä’s been capturing Finland’s night skies, which are without fail, breathtaking   10-amazing-images-of-finland-1

3. Many of the shots for the series, simply named “Night Skies,” are taken in Southern Ostrobothnia, a thickly wooded, rural area near the nation’s east coast   10-amazing-images-of-finland-2

4. And due to the utter lack of light pollution, it provides some of the most strikingly clear night skies…   10-amazing-images-of-finland-3

5. Which, as you can see, are one of Niemelä’s specialties   10-amazing-images-of-finland-4

6. The Finnish photographer has a passion for nature but particularly loves capturing its host of details invisible – or unnoticeable – to the naked eye. And star-filled skies are the perfect subject   10-amazing-images-of-finland-5

7. “Though I like to capture moments from various things in nature my favorite subjects are world of macro and those little details that usually get unnoticed”   10-amazing-images-of-finland-6

8. The beauty of these nightsky photos is so spellbinding   10-amazing-images-of-finland-7

9. It takes patience and skill to capture the right momements in the majestic way   10-amazing-images-of-finland-8

10. These images make one want to visit Finland   10-amazing-images-of-finland-9

You can see more of this beautiful country on his website.
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