100 Years Back It Was A Church And You Wouldn't Believe What It Looks Like Now

100 Years Back It Was A Church And You Wouldn’t Believe What It Looks Like Now

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Old palaces, castles and forts get transformed into other areas over a period of time. But this is different. A historic church in the Spanish city of llanera was transformed into a skatepark earlier this year by La Iglesia Skate; titled Kaos Temple, it has now undergone a second, more colorful transformation at the hands of street-artist Okuda San Miguel.

In collaboration with Red Bull, Okuda filled the church with bright, isometric, paintings. Verkami describes some of the work: “His iconic artistic piece Kaos Star represents a colorful and isometric rose of the winds that tries to tell us that it does not matter where you are, or what you are doing, what matters are your own goals.”

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5   Its-a-100-year-old-church-and-its-transformed-4

6   Its-a-100-year-old-church-and-its-transformed-5

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8   Its-a-100-year-old-church-and-its-transformed-7

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10   Its-a-100-year-old-church-and-its-transformed-9

11   Its-a-100-year-old-church-and-its-transformed-10

12   Its-a-100-year-old-church-and-its-transformed-11

Is’t this awesome?
Image Credits: La Iglesia Skate
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