15 Premature Babies Transformed by Parent's Love and Caring

15 Premature Babies Transformed by Parent’s Love and Caring

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After looking these photographs of premature babies who were transformed into normal kids by the healing power of love will leave you in tears. Depending on when they are born, premature babies face very difficult battles to survive. Many of their organs are not fully formed. So they will be put into ICU till their organs are developed enough.

Don’t think that it’s just the hospital treatment that helps these kids come over the difficulties. The parents must have had a tremendous commitment and love towards their loved one to nurse and bring him/her back to normal.

Not to say that some of the premature babies won’t last due to complications. The pain of the parents is unimaginable. Look at these 15 premature babies’ then and now photos and their transformation will definitely leave you in tears.

Felix – Born @ 24 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-0

Margot – Born @ 29 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-1

Noah and Nathan – Born @ 32 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-2

Thomas – Born @ 23 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-3

Noah – Born @ 32 weeks.   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-4

His twin sister Victoria, left in the framed picture, died after living 1 month

Julie – Born @ 7 months of pregnancy, and her son Kevin – Born @ 34 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-5

Zachary – Born @ 27 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-6

Eva – Born @ 29 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-7

Charles – Born @ 26 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-8

Tamica – Born @ 32 weeks (and 26 weeks pregnant @ the time of the photo)   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-9

Alice – Born @ 27 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-10

Theo – Born @ 25 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-11

Emile – Born @ 26 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-12

Felix – Born @ 23 weeks, and his brother Alexis – Born @ almost 33 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-13

Lexiani – Born @ 25 weeks   premature-babies-transformed-by-love-14

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