Is NASA Hiding Something From Us? Their Mysterious Space Art Makes Fingers Crossed

Is NASA Hiding Something From Us? Their Mysterious Space Art Makes Fingers Crossed

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If you saw the movie Interstellar, you could recall how NASA was operating secretly from a mountain base. It was a coverup so that people will not get mad at govt. for spending that much money when there is food scarcity. You might also be aware of conspiracy theories where the govt’s. across the world are hiding information regarding space exploration, aliens and UFOs from people. Well, here are some real photos from none other than NASA itself. These are the paintings displayed which portray a different dimension of existence and a common man could definitely be puzzled whether that’s our future shelter.  

Torus Exterior   nasa-hidden-secrets-0

These images have come from NASA in 1970s. This model of a colony supports 10,000 people.

Torus Cutaway   nasa-hidden-secrets-1

Torus Interior   nasa-hidden-secrets-2

Torus Underconstruction   nasa-hidden-secrets-3

Torus Model   nasa-hidden-secrets-4

Bernal Sphere Exterior   nasa-hidden-secrets-5

Bernal Sphere Interior   nasa-hidden-secrets-6

Bernal Sphere Cutaway   nasa-hidden-secrets-7

Bernal Sphere Agricultural Farms   nasa-hidden-secrets-8

Bernal Sphere In The Making   nasa-hidden-secrets-9

Bernal Sphere Model   nasa-hidden-secrets-10

Cylinder Exterior   nasa-hidden-secrets-11

Cylinder colonies must travel in pairs to cancel out rotational wobble and these paired cylinders can be scaled up to support a population of over 1 million.

Cylinder Exterior   nasa-hidden-secrets-12

Cylinder View From One End   nasa-hidden-secrets-13

Cylinder During Solar Eclipse   nasa-hidden-secrets-14

Cylinder Fleet   nasa-hidden-secrets-15

Sometimes we feel not to ask any questions about what’s going on out there in Space. But it is always good to be well-informed.
Looking at these photos raise so many questions. Is destruction imminent to the planet Earth? Is this NASA art a secret in the wide open before our eyes? Are these space colonies already made and only the elite would be taken to live there when this earth becomes uninhabitable? In such a case how would feel to be left behind to die here with all your loved one?
Let us know your thoughts on this.
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