They Found An Underground Castle. Once You Enter Inside It Gets As Mysterious As It Is Beautiful

They Found An Underground Castle. Once You Enter Inside It Gets As Mysterious As It Is Beautiful

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This is a very interesting find and spooky as well. In 1835, a laborer in Kent, England, was doing his usual field work. When he struck the soil with his spade and it just disappeared into the Earth, he was concerned and found himself standing on something hollow, but from the surface, he could see nothing.

Though it could have taken few weeks for the word to spread (WhatsApp was not there back then), ultimately it spread and triggered interest and panic at the same time. A local schoolteacher soon volunteered his young son, Joshua, to be lowered into the hole with a candle. That itself is unexplicable for a man to send his son into what looks like an abyss. Getting more spooky isn’t it?

Luckily, Joshua was fine, and what he saw underground was a breathtaking mystery.

When Joshua was pulled out, he described rooms filled with hundreds of thousands of carefully arranged shells.   mysterious-underground-building-0

Needless to say, the elders were a bit skeptical, but when the hole was widened and they saw if for themselves, they were stunned. There was a passage, a rotunda, and an altar chamber, and the whole thing was covered in a mosaic of shells.

Joshua’s father has a bit of a business accument. He quickly bought up the land and began renovating the grotto, making it suitable for visitors. Two years later, in 1837, the Margate Shell Grotto opened to the public for the first time. And he was right; it did catch on with the public, and it’s still open and enjoying visitors today. Today, it’s also got a museum, gift shop, and cafe.

But who built this, and why? What were they doing in this place?   mysterious-underground-building-4

These are all unanswered questions till now. Look at all these shells so carefully arranged, it’s clear that someone spent a lot of time and money on this creation. Isn’t it? The shells are arranged in sun and star shapes, and vaulted ceilings and altar-like spaces lead some to believe it once had religious significance. Yet no one knows for sure, and no one is even sure how old the structure is.

Some say it was built 3000 years ago   mysterious-underground-building-5

But shell grottoes were popular in Europe in the 1700s among the filthy rich.   mysterious-underground-building-6


Early visotors left their mark on the shells   mysterious-underground-building-8

These arrangement should have taken a lot of time. Isn’t it?   mysterious-underground-building-9

Over time the shells had lot their lustre. But when they were built the lustre of the shells would have been mind blowing   mysterious-underground-building-10

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