This Scientist's Life Threatening Stunt To Prove Newton's Law Gives You Goosebumps

This Scientist’s Life Threatening Stunt To Prove Newton’s Law Gives You Goosebumps

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Our world is a better place because of the committed contribution from the scientific world. We have read about many scientists who invented great things and made our lives a lot better. Some scientists risked their lives for the love of what they wanted to find.

Physicist Andreas Wahl would feel truly at home among the world’s dying breed of “mad scientists.”

He wanted to demonstrate some Newtonian laws of circular motion and how objects with a centripetal force, which forces traveling objects to follow a curved path, accelerate as they approach a central point. However, sterile laboratories with little pulleys and weights don’t quite do it justice. Instead, it seems hanging 14 meters (46 feet) off a sketchy-looking Norwegian warehouse displays it much more effectively.
The clip above is from a show called “Life on the Line” on the Norwegian channel NRK Viten. However, you can check out the full raw unedited footage here and some of the preparation work for the experiment here.
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