11 Affordable AirBnB Abodes For Your Next Adventure Travel

11 Affordable AirBnB Abodes For Your Next Adventure Travel

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Are you a travel geek? Do you like adventures? Here you will find the ways to fulfill your desire at an affordable cost.

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1. Gypsy Covered Wagon ($112)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-0

This traditional Romany covered wagon is located in a unique resort community in Cornwall, and packs a quaint punch with its bed, original “Queenie” charcoal stove that was used by gypsies. Don’t fret, there’s a bathhouse nearby.
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2. A Private Island ($350)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-1

Yes that’s right, Bird Island off the coast of Belize can be your own tropical retreat perfect for relaxing in hammocks, snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful views all around you. BONUS: The transportation to the island is also included in the price!
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3. Bubble Under the Stars ($169)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-2

Practice your stargazing skills in this unique bubble and enjoy the natural solitude all around you in the French countryside. But don’t worry, the secondary building has the other necessities (AKA a bathroom.)
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4. St. Peter’s Castle ($147)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-3

If you’re feeling royal the next time you’re in Ireland, check out this castle in the rolling green hills of Galway.
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5. Treehouse ($150)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-4

Chirp along with the birds when you wake up in this dreamy mini treehouse in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall.
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6. Windmill ($287)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-5

This beautiful 1874 windmill near Amsterdam is surprisingly normal inside and can even play host to your very own Windmill Party as it sleeps six with two bathrooms, kitchen, and a beautiful garden and terrace beneath the arms.
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7. Glass Treehouse ($282)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-6

This quaint glass treehouse is just outside of Florence so you can get your dose of beautiful Italian art and retreat to this haven complete with a swimming pool and tennis courts, to keep you active.
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8. The Cubehouse ($153)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-7

This truly one-of-a-kind home will provide a unique, blocky stay as well as a prime location in the center of Rotterdam, Netherlands, about an hour outside of the Netherlands.
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9. Recycled Glass House ($53)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-8

This Brazilian abode took recycling to the next level with this house decorated almost exclusively with recycled glass. The sun creates such beautiful patterns through the windows, you won’t want to leave and explore the sandy beaches nearby (or maybe you will…)
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10. Redwood Cabin ($125)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-9

This unique cabin is nestled among California’s redwood trees (yes that’s a live tree in the living room) and provides travelers fabulous access to hiking trails and a nice hot tub to soak in for a relaxing evening.
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11. A Seashell ($249)   23-incredible-south-asian-portraits-10

Well, basically a sea shell. Not only does this property look like it was washed right up from the beach, but the decor is definitely on theme as well in a beachy paradise kind of way. Enjoy the privacy of your own pool and house on this island near Cancun, Mexico.
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Are you planning for the adventures yet? I guess so…
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