Man Playing #PokemonGO Ends Up On Mars and Accuses #NASA of Conspiracy

Man Playing #PokemonGO Ends Up On Mars and Accuses #NASA of Conspiracy

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In a startling revelation, a PokemonGO die-hard fan revealed that he had travelled to Mars and accuse NASA and all the governments of conspiracy. Our unreal journalist Mark McTweetface had a chance to interview him who doesn’t want to be renamed for fear of being kidnapped by rare antics smugglers.

“When I was playing the game I had noticed that a Pokemon portal was nearby, but in an isolated location, off the main road. I just followed the trail and saw one old dome kind of artifact. And when I entered inside…,”, he paused. There is fear and confusion on his face.

“What happened next”?, asked an impatient Mr. Tweetface.

“When I entered inside, all of a sudden the PokemonGO game stopped showing me the map”, he continued. “First I thought the phone stopped working and I knocked it few times but still it didn’t work. That’s when I came out of the dome and then,”, he paused again and this time, Mr. Tweetface is also terrified to speak.

After 10 seconds silnce…

“When I came outside the dome, I couldn’t recognize the surroundings and the phone was still not working. For a moment I thought I discovered a new territory until I…”, this time, he stopped talking suddenly.

“What the f***? what happened next?”, shouted Mr. Tweetface out of anxiety.

“Then I heard loud screams and saw mobs of people running like crazy. Some of them were shouting ‘alien… alien… runaway’“, he continued.

“I thought they really saw something unfamiliar until I realized that I was the alien they were scared about”.

There was a pin-drop silence for a minute. Mr. Tweetface was expressionless.

“It doesn’t take much time to realize that I got teleported to Mars”, he explained. “How did you know you were on Mars?”, enquired Mr. Tweetface.

“There was a big building with a board ‘NASA Mars Base’. Immediately I was escorted to the Earth Embassy, after paperwork I was told that I am on Mars and I shouldn’t reveal this to anybody when I am sent back”, he explained.


“How did you come back?”, Mr. Tweetface asked. “They had installed PokemonGO Mars in my mobile and asked to go to the nearest portal and I am back to earth”, he said.

“All my life was a lie. I was told there is no intelligent life in the outer space. But we are wrong. There are aliens on Mars. We are all told lies and it’s a big conspiracy”, he was speaking in a frenzy.

While Mr. Mark McTweetface is completely disoriented after this interview, we came to know that there was a petition on addressed to Earth governments to stop sending horrible looking aliens to Mars!

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